Jandakot Primary School serves the residential locality of Success which is approximately 25 km south of Perth. The Kindergarten to Year 6 school enrolment is steady at approximately 500. Recently, there has been a steady increase in enrolments of students with language backgrounds other than English and / or who were not born within Australia.

The school enjoys a unique and personal link between all components of the school community and is known for its friendliness, caring attitudes and traditional values where the interests and needs of the students come first and foremost. Preparing students for a dynamic and ever changing world is our responsibility.

Jandakot Primary School has a clear vision and purpose, striving to be recognised as a school focusing on excellence in teaching and learning. We are committed to challenging and supporting students to achieve their full potential as positive members of society.

In line with our school motto 'Fly High Seek Success', we are committed to providing all children with the opportunity and support to achieve their potential and to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute successfully to a rapidly changing society. We encourage and regularly acknowledge students' academic, sporting, cultural and creative achievements. We also value and continually reward good school citizenship displayed by students.

Importantly, the school prides itself on the welcoming, safe, caring, friendly and supportive environment it provides those who are associated with it. We have strong relationships with a supportive Parents & Citizens Association and an effective School Board.